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Volume 11, Edition 9

Volume 11, Edition 9 (posted 9/29/2008)

This is a difficult month to find any trucking news which is unrelated to the unprecedented economic crisis which the country faces.  Trucking is not alone as every industry is focusing on how these problems will impact their industry.  As we wait to see if the terms of an agreed economic bailout will work, the country seems to be in a holding pattern on all other issues.  But we continue to find items to address.

ECONOMIC WOES – The economic state of the trucking industry has historically been a harbinger of the state of the economy. Unfortunately that continues to be true now, as the economic crisis places a severe dent in the industry‚Äôs ability to operate profitably.  A number of publicly traded trucking companies have been hit on the market, with some ratings downgraded this week.  The ATA has announced its support of a possible bailout, noting that the tightening market is making it difficult for carriers to finance the purchase of trucks and the credit crunch is also making collection of accounts receivable more difficult.   Read More

Volume 11, Edition 8

Volume 11, Edition 8 (posted 8/29/2008)

Well here we are at the end of the summer.  We expect that most of you are already gone and will not even read this until September.  We hope you enjoy (or enjoyed) the Labor Day Holiday.  We would also like to welcome Michael Pennisi, our newest financial analyst.  Hopefully you will get a chance to speak with him soon.  Welcome Michael!

The slow pace of the August month results in little to report. We noticed that there were even fewer judicial decisions this month.  But we can always find something to comment on.

BANKRUPTCIES DOUBLE – Once again we can not stress the importance of knowing the financial security of your insured.  Transport Topics reports that trucking bankruptcies doubled in the second quarter, with 970 carriers closing up shop. This took approximately 88,000 trucks off the road.  We are here to help you understand their financial records and help you evaluate their chance of continued success. Read More

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