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We are experiencing telephone issues due to our move

Due to our move our phone number 212 244 6575 is not currently working. We expect it will be back up on Thursday March 2, but there may be residual issues reaching some people. Our e-mail is fully working and if you e-mail be will get right back to you. 646-368-8528 is a phone number that is working for Mark Schweber and he can help ypu or get your request to the proper person. Thank you for your understanding as we move our office location.

Breaking News! New Website Launched

We are very excited to announce the beta launch of our new Motor Carrier Research and Analysis System. Over one year in development, this online service brings new advances and seamless integration to the research tools offered as part of CAB’s ‘Know Your Insureds’ program.

New Carrier Search Engine:

For the first time anywhere, and exclusively on our site, you can perform a search by any combination of name or partial name, address or partial address, city, state, zip and even by phone number.  How would you like to know how many other operations are currently or were once registered at that address? Which other entities utilize the same phone number? Is there a broker operation associated with my carrier?  What other operations are located in a particular region or zip code where I can market my product?  Questions like these can be answered in moments with our new search page.  This information is critical to underwriters, claims, SIU, marketing, and actuaries.  For Premium Subscribers, our search page also offers QuickLinks which allow you immediate access to view, download or email our Premium Submission Report™ .

 Unlike the limited search capabilities offered on the various government sites our new Carrier Search feature gives you the power to search all the government records simultaneously, including records not available on those sites.  At the click of a button you can locate critical information about any registered entity.

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