Bits & Pieces

Volume 11, Edition 6

Welcome to another summer and another edition of the Bits and Pieces of the trucking industry.  Summer is here and the news is short. Virtually every report and news article focuses on gas prices.  We all recognize that there is no need to report on this crisis as emerging news.  Consider the impact on your own wallet and magnify it a hundredfold and you will know what the trucking industry is focusing on.

In other news we report:

DRIVER TURNOVER – At least one thing in the industry moved in the right direction this quarter.  Driver turnover at large truckload carriers (more than $30 million in revenue) declined to 103%, the lowest rate in 5 years.  Small truckload carriers also saw a small decrease, down to 80%.  Unfortunately, if the economy picks up the rate is anticipated to rise again.  Basically if it is not one thing it is another!

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