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Financial Analysis

The CAB Rating and Financial Analysis has been provided exclusively by us for over 75 years.

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CAB Report®

The CAB Report® is the accepted industry standard, offering the most advanced and comprehensive analysis available. The user-friendly layout, interactive capabilities and focus on highlighting relevant issues are critical to making informed decisions.

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Chameleon Detector

Our proprietary and multi-point matching algorithms allow even the most basic user to understand the relationships and potential fraud exhibited by Chameleon Carriers.

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Business Intelligence Solutions

Our vast data warehouse and development team can provide customized modelling, software integration, and API solutions for your unique data requirements.

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Monitoring Services

Benefit from real-time alerts notifying you of critical changes to an account.

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Vehicle Tracker

Search the expansive inspection, crash and violation history of vehicles and the motor carriers that operated them using as little as a partial VIN or license plate.

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Sales Leads

We offer the industry's most advanced leads generator providing you instant access to the most up to date list of motor carriers tailored to meet your exact operational, safety and geographic appetite.

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BASICs Calculator™

CAB’s BASICS CALCULATOR transportation services make use of CAB’s proprietary BASICS scores to allow transportation safety consultants and loss control engineers better understand the impact of inspections and violations on a motor carrier's scores