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Volume 12, Edition 2

It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you at the Pacific Coast IMUA seminar.  We extend a special welcome to the many who asked to be put onto this mailing list and invite you to view all that CAB offers to the industry.  Hope you enjoy this report and find it informative.  Once again we remind you that this is a forum for all of you.  Information which you believe should be shared with the industry is welcomed.  I get tired of finding all of this information and writing this all by myself!  I am happy for contributions.

Now on to the news:

ON BOARD RECORDERS – As so it begins.  A new administration – new plans.  The FMCSA proposal on electronic onboard recorders has been pulled while the new administration contemplates other uses for the program. Current reports indicate that the Obama administration will look to require the recorders on more trucks than before. Read More

Volume 12, Edition 1

Since you are all, hopefully, spending time digesting the annual report which also went out this week we are going to keep the “Bits and Pieces” extra short.  There is not much news to report as the first part of the month was spent recapping last year and the second half of the month was consumed with the inauguration.  President Obama is now in charge and Ray H. LaHood is now the sixteenth U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Change is on the way.

We also remind you that our annual seminar is now open for registration. The seminar is generally oversubscribed and we recommend that you register as soon as possible. You can get to the registration and program information by clicking here.

HOURS OF SERVICE – As one of his last actions before leaving the office at the FMCSA, John Hill rejected the appeal filed opposing the final hours of service rules. Mr. Hill indicated that the FMCSA data has not revealed any increase in accidents since the implementation of the rules in 2003. Don’t think that this is the end of the story. It is expected to be brought before the new governing body at the FMCSA. Read More

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